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Oct 9, 2010 08:11 PM

Help me un-ruin a flourless chocolate cake!

Hi everyone. I made a flourless chocolate cake tonight but it is overcooked. I think I didn't use enough water in the water bath, but that is irrelevant at this point. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how I might salvage it? I was thinking of making a blackberry sauce and then making small holes with a toothpick and letting the sauce moisten the cake, but any other suggestions would be most welcome.....

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  1. You could also poke and pour sweetened condensed milk or sweetened evaporated milk over as a soaking syrup like a Tres Leches cake.

    Or, break into pieces, and layer for a trifle. Sprinkle cake pieces with kahlua or Bailey's or coffee; layer with custard, jam if you like and toffee or white choc or dark choc bits; lather, rinse, repeat. top with whipped cream.

    Or cut into squares, soak in a bit of a simple syrup, then coat in a batter and fry :)

    1. Fold some of the crumbs into ice cream for a riff on cookies&cream ice cream?

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        +1. Don't even bother to serve it as a cake. Use vanilla ice cream and plate it in the kitchen. Or else use whipped cream.