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Oct 9, 2010 06:31 PM

All-butter puff pastry in YEG - time-sensitive issue!

Hi all,

Does anyone know where to get all-butter puff pastry in Edmonton? I thought that Superstore had it as a Blue Menu item, but I sent someone there today while I was at work and they came home with Tenderflake, saying they couldn't find anything else. I won't serve anyone Tenderflake. I will just make my own if I can't end up finding it, but any help is appreciated! Thanks.

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  1. I'm almost certain I've seen all-butter puff pastry at Superstore as well. If not, I'd check the Italian Centre, Save-On, or Planet Organic as I can't imagine not finding an all-butter version in an organic, whole-food style store.

    1. I would think since Blue Menu is their lower fat line it wouldn't be all butter, They do carry a PC version but it's not all butter either According to yelp Amandine Bakery on Centre street N sells frozen puff pastry that I expect is all butter - I'd suggest calling first.

      Amandine (403) 276-3532

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        Don't know if the Calgary listing will be of much help to the poster as they said they want something in Edmonton.

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          My mistake. Completely missed that on the first read. Sorry rafjel.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I have used Presiden'ts Choice at Superstore - maybe that store was out of it? Excellent. I would try another superstore.

          1. Thanks all - I did end up making it, but I will post back here when I do track it down for future reference.