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Oct 9, 2010 03:09 PM

KC - great fish & chips?

I recently found out that my sister has never introduced her kids to the great food item of fish & chips. :( Heck, they hadn't even heard of Long John Silver's, much less my greatly missed Arthur Treacher's (sp?).

So, for our next montly family get together, I want to suggest a place that serves great fish and chips - can be in the KC area, Lawrence or Topeka (we're all spread out over Kansas and Topeka is actually closer for some).

Any ideas? Obviously, they have to have fish & chips with malt vinegar, but if they also have fried clams (my favorite), that would be a plus too. I'm thinking some kind of upscale LJS? Any ideas?

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  1. Free State in Lawrence has excellent fish and chips. Really good beer too. I don't think they have clams, but across and down Mass is Jefferson's for oysters.

    1. McCoy's has really good fish and chips. I haven't necessarily loved anything else there, but I do love their fish and chips! They have a basil tartar sauce, as well as the malt vinegar, and it is great!