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Oct 9, 2010 02:08 PM

Need help - 1 1/2 day in Bend

Hi All,

My friends and I are taking a day trip (will spend 1 night) to Bend next Tuesday. They have been before but I have not. I am the chowhound of the group though, so they put me in charge in finding places to eat. (They said the last time they were there they ate at Red Robbin! LoL That won't happen while I am there!)

It will be me, my best friend and her husband. He is "blue collar" - not that there is anything wrong with that(!) -I just don't want to overwhelm him with a place that is too "fancy" or food that is to "innovative" ... you know what I mean. We are also on a budget.

So give me your best recommendations for great casual restaurants! Also, what do you think of Baldy's?

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  1. I just returned from there. After doing research along similar lines to yours, we went to Zydeco Kitchen for dinner and were very happy. You can check it out yourself online for particulars, but everything was excellent, the atmosphere doesn't intimidate and your friend's husband will find things he likes on the menu.

    1. Bend has a lot to offer. Depending on your price range you can have it all. IBSowen mentioned Zydeco. That is very good, but a little pricey and is one of the better fine dining places in bend. Baldys is awesome bbq! you cant go wrong there (it is a small place though) If your friends are more blue collar, i would recommend one of the many breweries bend has to offer. Bend Brewing Co. is my fav. and the newest one 10-barrel has great atmosphere/beer. If getting some great food while sampling one of many Oregon craft beers and watching the game, i would also recommend The Summit. One of The best things you can do is hit up happy hour (which, virtually every place has happy hour) below is a link.

      Below is another link to a weekly community paper/mag that recently published the "best of" for central Oregon. You may want to check that out for more ideas.

      Bend has amazing restaurants that i believe compete with many metropolitan cities.

      My fav’s (not in order):
      El Rodeo (Mexican
      )Baldys (BBQ)
      Bend Brewing Co (brewery food)
      Summit Saloon (great place to watch the game and AMAZING Sandwiches)
      The Breakfast Club (Breakfast)
      Pilot Butte Drive-in (Breakfast and Lunch)
      Flatbread Community Oven (Great Pizza)
      Brother Johns (Great little pub/bar)
      McMenamins (need I say more)….many many many more…..

      El Rodeo Restaurant
      1075 W Broadway Ave, Moses Lake, WA 98837

      The Breakfast Club
      378 NE Greenwood Ave, Bend, OR 97701

      Flatbread Community Oven
      375 SW Powerhouse Dr Ste 130, Bend, OR 97702