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Oct 9, 2010 01:47 PM

Lasagne on a budget

i'm making lasagne and I don't have any spinach for adding green but I do have frozen kale. Would this be weird to use?

I'm making the lasagne with chipotle peppers, yellow onion, and italian sausage. Mozzerella, riccotta, parmesan, and asagio cheese.

I don't have any more money!

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  1. I love kale, but it might contribute a cabbage-y flavor that might not work so well with your other ingredients. You've got plenty of flavor in there already: I would omit it. If you do decide to use it, be sure to cull and discard the toughest stem-ends.

    But try posting this query on the Home Cooking board: You'll get many useful responses from more experienced home cooks.

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      Agree, kale may be too strong. Based on the other ingredients, probably won't need any green. Although for budget reasons, frozen spinach will work well, just squeeze out all the water.

    2. thanks for the tip. Im just gonna go with parsley in the ricotta mix. Now about boiling these noodles, I'm not clear on how long I'm supposed to boil them....

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        There are two types: boil and no-boil. The no-boil are usually stiff, very smooth, thin and brittle rectangular sheets. You just layer your stuff and pop it all in the oven. Boil-first noodles are thicker and often ridged, with a wavy edge, and usually take 8-9 minutes. Just take a sheet out with tongs, snip off a bite, taste test, and return for another couple minutes if it's still too raw; repeat as necessary till they're still slightly firm to the tooth. Good luck!