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Oct 9, 2010 01:40 PM

English sweets in SE Michigan?

I was wondering if anyone knows of a shop that sells British sweets? I know Meijers carries a few, but I'm looking for a wider variety such as Whispas, Buttons, Munchies, etc.
I used to get my fix at World Market in Auburn Hills but they closed down a while ago. I work in Detroit and live in Flint, so I'd be willing to travel anywhere inbetween Saginaw, Lansing and Windsor.
Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. World Market still has stores in Ann Arbor and Lansing, as well as the west side of the state; they just closed down their metro Detroit stores.

    You might also check Hiller's markets; I think they have a bigger assortment of British items than most stores. Try one of their larger stores, i.e., any except downtown Berkley or downtown Northville.

    My other suggestion is Ackroyd's Scottish bakery, 5 mile/Beech Daly in Redford.

    Sweet hunting!

    1. The Hiller's in Ann Arbor has a whole rack of British candies. It's over by the registers on the other side of the walk in beer cooler.

      1. I would agree with gooddog about Ackroyd's. They have a selection of imported British products...candies, teas, HP Sauce, Batchelor's peas, etc. Plus, they have a fine selection of baked goods. Not sure if you are just looking for sweets or more. They just started a delivery service...probably won't go to Flint but would deliver to your work.

        1. Hmmm. I second Hillers and also World Market in AA. I Miss eating Digestives, since I went gluten free I can't find those here.

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            Digestive biscuits? You can get those at Holiday Market in Royal Oak, I know that much. Actually, Holiday Market might be a decent place for the OP to try for British imports/sweets as well.

            1. re: boagman

              Holiday Market, Westborn, Nino Salvaggio, any similar "upscale" market... all of those places have a fair selection of imported goods, including British stuff. Ackroyd's may still be your best bet, though.

            2. re: hateApplebees

              Third Hillers, especially the one on Union Lake Road in's a nice store, makes me want to cry when I think of our tiny Hiller's in Berkley! Allthough the one in Berkley does have a few shelves of British food including digestives.

              Also Holiday as others mention has a fair amount of British stuff.

              And the Buschs in Rochester Hills has a British section as well; presumably other Busch's do too.

              1. re: coney with everything

                I appreciate all of your suggestions. I'll being making a road trip next week to a few of these places. Thanks for the advice.

            3. Morgan & York in Ann Arbor has some.