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Oct 9, 2010 01:17 PM

what to order at Charleston restaurant in Baltimore?

This will likely be my first and only dining experience at the Charleston restaurant in Baltimore with my girlfriend. Any suggestions as to which dishes we should order (assuming we get a 4 or 5-course meal)? I'm not sure how often the menu changes so I'm not sure if your recommendations still exist, but it's worth to ask!

1000 Lancaster Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

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  1. Definitely get:the veal sweetbreads, the cornmeal crusted oysters, the pan-seared foie gras and the magret of duck.

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      I ate the same 4 courses, with wine pairing, recently. In a word, heavenly.

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        The snails are really good too. I love the pysters, but i got those instead of the sweetbreads, but when I tasted the latter I regretted that choice.

        Here's a link to my review from last March:

    2. I concur with the Foie Gras and sweetbreads. Also add the shrimp and grits, as they are a signature dish. The "free" dessert isn't memorable, so you may want to opt for the cheese cart as an alternative or add on.

      1. I went last year about this time and had a wonderful Chestnut soup, savory with a bit of sweetness, fried local oysters and squab,a game bird. I had never had the last and it was quite good. I actually enjoyed my dessert--a concord grape gratinee and they bring a platter with miniature cookies and sweets as well. I got the wine pairing which I enjoyed, not only the wine but the experience of having the wine explained for each course and why they chose that wine. It was a fabulous meal experience.

        1. I always have a hard time ordering at Charleston, as there's always more tempting-sounding items than I can eat.

          As others have mentioned, the oysters, foie gras, squab, and shrimp and grits are good. Cindy Wolf makes excellent soups, also, so fit one in if you have room. The corn chowder with bacon and tasso is wonderful, as is the rich lobster soup with curry. I've also had a really wonderful mushroom bisque there, but it isn't listed on the current online menu. The pan-roasted turbot with pan-seared foie gras was excellent, too.

          I don't think you can go too wrong with anything on the menu.

          1. Although I concur in much of what has been posted, I encourage you to test the kitchen, which is superb. Order the most complex dishes available, In particulay, altho the oysters are great, they are a simple dish, and, in any event, oysters should nver be cooked. Try more difficult apps.

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              I agree with Tartuffe's comments and follow them when at Charleston -- pointless to order a salad, particularly because you have paid a fixed price for xxx courses. Within that constraint, best to find the most interesting/complex dishes, regardless of course.