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Oct 9, 2010 12:59 PM

Party Room/catering suggestions

I want to throw a party for my husband for completing his phd. I will invite around 50 people, and would like to rent a space somewhere downtown and have it catered. We will absolutely need champagne, so a spot that can either provide or allow us to byob is a must. I was thinking of cocktail food rather than dinner, and would like to keep it as economical as possible. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Real champagne and "economical" don't generally mix in the same sentence.

    Since it's his PhD, if it's at McGill you could check with his supervisor to see if the Faculty Club might be made available Large enough and you can have booze if I recall. Another alternative would be one of the rooms at the Thompson House. I don't know about what Concordia offers but there's probably similar alternatives.

    Hotels expensive for this kind of thing so probably last resort.

    If it's a mix of sitting and standing, you could call up Raza and take over the restaurant for an evening. Mario can work out a nibble menu with you using your budget constraints and supply the bulles since he's got a liquor license. The only tricky part is that it's not quite downtown and parking on Laurier can be a challenge.

    There is also a private room above Ferreira, though that option could wind up being somewhat more pricey. It would however be downtown.

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      Thanks for the resto suggestions. He Is actually French so the phd is from a Parisian university, but I am going to check with local schools anyway to see what might be available. We have a few cases of bubbly that we brought back from our last trip, so the economical part might only apply to the food if I can find a byob. I have never heard of Raza, but will definitely check it out thanks again.