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Oct 9, 2010 12:49 PM

Key West Recs for Dinner

I will be visiting Key West later this month for one night on business. I generally go once a year to Key West for one night, and always find myself focusing more on atmosphere than the food. I have no doubt there are plenty of good eats down there, and would really appreciate some recs from some of you who know the area.
What I would like is a casual dining atmosphere, with a kitchen staff that uses the great local ingredients that are available, and knows how to produce some serious flavors.

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  1. Nine One Five Duval Street.

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      Thanks 2top, i've looked at their menu, and it looks a lot like something I am looking for, especially a couple of the Thai dishes.

    2. 7 Fishes always delivers.

      1. picklelicious.....You can't go wrong with what Jan Norris says..She was a top-notch food crtic here in south Florida

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          Thanks, HotMelly. I'm still writing - read me at Jannorris.com and in several local papers.

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            Never heard of J Norris but I second 7 Fishes.

          2. We had a delicious lunch at Santiago's Bodega. I think they are open for dinner. It's all tapas and they encourage sharing.

            1. Nine One Five is my fave. The whole fish and the Chicken is very very good. I also like ambrosia for sushi. Ive tried a bunch of the higher end restaurants but always find myself preferring Nine One Five