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Oct 9, 2010 12:42 PM

Shaboo, anyone tried it?


Also, is there anyway to just get an order of the Toro Tartare with beluga caviar without ordering anything else?

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  1. Haven't tried it yet but plan to do so on my next trip - probably in November - Anthony Bourdain loves the original (different name) in NYC - to heck with the expense

    1. Yes, we went about 6-7 months ago and, lets just say, I won't be returning any time soon. In fact, the only reason we went was a friend had a comp. Nonetheless, it was very expensive, as is Bar Masa. I heard it is cheaper now, but I wonder what kind of meat they are substituting for the A5. For me, shabu-shabu with prime or even australian wagyu loses some of its appeal. The toro tartare is on the regular menu at BM, I think its about 70 or so bucks. There is also a Masa toro roll w/ caviar for $240. You can just order that if you are so inclined. (in BAr Masa proper).

      FYI Kagemusha, Shaboo at Aria is not even a remotely similar experience as that at Masa in the Time Warner UWS(which I think you are referring). At Shaboo expect a few kaiseki style dishes followed by several courses of shabu-shabu. When we went, there was not a single piece of nigiri served.