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Oct 9, 2010 11:39 AM

Looking for wooden fork

I have a sturdy, 3-pronged maple fork that is perfect for smashing potatoes. My daughter covets it, so I'm trying to find her one before she makes off with mine. I'm not having any luck at all. Suggestions of where to look?

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  1. I got one from Ikea, not maple, but wood.

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    1. I have one of those also. It is, bar none, my FAVORITE kitchen utensil. I use it for sauteeing, stirring, mixing up pizza/bread dough, etc, etc, etc. I have had mine for at least 25 years now and for at least the past 5, have been on the look-out for a replacement (or one for my daughter, 'cause if she ever took off with mine I would have to consider cutting her out of my will). Mine originally came in a set of wooden spoons, spatula, and of course the fork. Forks don't seem to be sold anywhere on their own. And they don't seem to be included in the "sets" anymore.

      Thanks for the tip about Ikea. Per their web-site, they do have them included in a set with 2 other things, but they are a "store only" item. From the picture on the web-site, I'm not liking the shape as much as I do mine, but if I ever find myself near a store, I'm definately going to look.

      1. Would this work? 4 prongs and beechwood (beach wood according to Amazon description!) though.

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          I think the prongs might be too blunt and close together for my purposes, but I ordered one, anyway. Thanks!

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            Here's one that sounds closer (sharper and three prong), but not sure how sturdy for day to day use:

          2. I am shortly going to be overrun by wooden forks! I've sent my son (Portland, OR) off to Ikea, and have ordered all the rest. One of them is bound to work. iyc, yours looks closes to mine. I couldn't resist the beauty of the Lithuanian fork, and decided I might as well take give the other one a try, as well. Thanks, everyone -- great sleuthing!

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              Were you able to actually by that one on etsy? That one looks the most like mine too (not the mahogany one) but it looked perhaps like an item, now sold, from 2008.

              1. re: clamscasino

                I think it's still a/v - only now the craftsman is 12 y.o, not 10!


                You might be able to email son/parent directly and see if they can even slightly customize a fork.

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                  I was able to buy it, but with some difficulty; the site is difficult to navigate. I opted for the mahogany one.