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Oct 9, 2010 11:33 AM

Need to find goza mats

I'm looking for goza mats. These are mats sometimes called straw mats that you can take to the beach/park to sit or lie down on. They usually roll up. I'm looking for a larger mat; tri-fold that is made out of woven plastic. I bought one years ago at Korean Farms in L.A. but they've closed down. These mats are great for picnics or to just spread out on the lawn in the backyard and take a nap.

I've seen the straw mats in Little Tokyo but I'm looking for a similar mat that is made out of woven plastic (more durable and waterproof).

Does anyone know where I might find these mats in the L.A./SGV/Pasadena area? Thanks ahead of time for any suggestions.

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  1. Hawaii Supermarket has them sometimes, also check Tak Shing which normally carries them.

    Tak Shing Hong
    122 W Garvey Ave
    Monterey Park,
    (323) 888-8877

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        I should add that the San Gabriel Valley Superstore will also have them.

    1. Sushi on Venice Beach anyone?

      1. I've got them from World Market kind of hit n miss