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Oct 9, 2010 11:30 AM

The hunt for a particular spatula!

We had a terrific vacation in Florida last year.

We stopped by at a Crackerbarrel restaurant and were amazed to see a framed display on the wall with a kitchen spatula in it that I have been looking for for what seems like a millenia!

A similar one belonged to my Mom (who is no longer with us) and on a boat barbecue I lost the spatula over the side :(......yes it was a sad day.

So when I saw this display I was so happy and thought that if they still exist I would surely find one online....alas not yet.

I've attached an email link with the photo of the display



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  1. The pic is not showing up at that link.

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    1. re: RibDog

      Thanks RibDog; this sort of stuff is all a bit new to me - the picture is saved on my PC as a pdf and the site requires jpg to post it on this chat...any ideas??

    2. OK I've managed to find the original photo of the display box at the Crackerbarrel café.

      The spatula I'm trying to locate is the one second from right on the picture,

      Any help would be appreciated :)

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      1. re: akandje

        The only item that appears to be "second from right" seems to be an egg beater, based on an old style carpenter's hand drill.

        Why would you ask Chowhound before contacting Cracker Barrel? Try
        for some links and telephone numbers and snailmailing addresses. Tell 'em where and when you stopped, how delighted you were with their food and service, and give 'em the spatula overboard story. I'll bet they get back to you in a heartbeat, bless their hearts!