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Oct 9, 2010 10:52 AM

Fresh Bratwurst in Central NJ?

Having people over for Ocktoberfest and I'd love to make some of these on the grill.

Anyone know any butchers that make them fresh?

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  1. Union Pork Store, Morris Ave. in Union makes both fresh and cooked bratwurst. Best bratwurst in my opinion and I've had Usinger's from Milwaukee. They make a great German style frankfurter as well. Everything from them is exceptional.

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    1. re: hotdoglover

      I second Union Pork. My relatives like in Union and I always have them bring me some to Monmouth County.

    2. D.A. Barsch (aka The German Butcher) in Toms River.

      1. Two great options. Thanks!

        hotdoglover, I'm with you on Usinger's. I grew up in Milwaukee and miss all the great brat options.

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        1. re: Paul N

          They ship ! 11 different Brats plus lots of other carnivore delights !

        2. Monmouth Meats in Red Bank does fresh brats. Depending how much you order they will even deliver....