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Oct 9, 2010 10:47 AM

Cabbage powder - what now? (NOT soup or smoothies)

Barry Farm delayed my recent online order but it finally arrived after 3 weeks. If I had something particular in mind when I ordered cabbage powder, it has vanished from memory.

To use it for things that would be pureed anyway, like soup and smoothies, would be a waste, so I am up for other ideas. I am thinking of mixing with mustard and mayo as a sandwich condiment, or with cream, onion, and garlic, and perhaps prosciutto or sausage as a pasta sauce. Anyone have any brainstorms? TIA

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  1. How fine is it? Is it anything like flakes at all or is it really straight-up powdered?

    Touching the fingerprint of your pinky with your tongue to moisten it a little bit and take a dab of that powder and taste it. Is it very strong with very obvious cabbage flavor?

    I am biased towards Vietnamese food and I am thinking of renditions of canh bắp cải nhồi thịt (picture attached from Wandering Chopsticks' blog - http://wanderingchopsticks.blogspot.c...).
    The picture itself is a spin off of the soup itself. Take a new approach even further and mix some of the powder with the pork and the rest of the ingredients and steam the casing-less sausages. Or sear/grill them and serve with rice and nước chấm as a little extra dressing.

    Vietnamese shrimp and cabbage salads are nice and refreshing. Perhaps something along those lines?

    I hope this helps.


    1. Greygarious:
      You gotta be honest with us. No one order 5 pounds of cabbage powder and forgets what it's for...Somewhere there is a culinary disaster report that you're concealing. Was this the recipe you picked up from the health food store for a cabbage/garlic/lime jello treat that would protect the kids from colds for the winter, but made them gag and choke, and when you threw it out for the chickens, they ate it but stopped laying or two weeks?? Or was this the creamy cabbage roll soup that smelled so bad that your spouse threw it to the dogs and they got so sick they had to go to the vet???

      Forgive the rant, but I'd try some cabbage ice cream with a little hint of lemon and some grated carrot for color and crunch --- if that goes south, there's always the chickens and dogs- they have short memorys...

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      1. re: penche

        I never mentioned the amount, which is 2 oz. by weight (maybe a cup by volume?). I cannot fathom where you got the 5# from.

        1. re: greygarious

          I think it would flavor noodles or pasta sauces nicely, and certainly any pork dish, a stew or braise, or enhance mixed vegetable coleslaws. Use it for dusting shrimp, maybe mixed with rice flour, before stir frying. Interesting ingredient, probably meant for boosting flavor in soups, or for the health benefits of Vitamin K in a smoothie, and I haven't seen it before.

          I've always been curious about Barry Farm products; what have you purchased and how do they stack up? I like their no-frills packaging, and they carry a number of things I'd like in my pantry.

          1. re: bushwickgirl

            I've only ordered from them twice. So far I have no complaints about their products. This time I got diced/chopped dried vegetables which I have not yet tried, mostly as a back-up for making soup over the winter if I can't easily get to the store. I like their cheddar and sour cream powders. I have yet to try the various powders I ordered this time - carrot, spinach, egg, and "flavored" powders which I intend for homemade jello: tangerine and pear. The flavored ones not entirely natural.

            1. re: greygarious

              Ok, thanks for the info. If I get anything from them in the near future, I'll pass the info on to you. Good luck with the cabbage powder. Speaking of jelled items, it might be good to enhance the flavor of a jellied vegetable salad.

      2. You can make make a pizza crust with it, just like cauliflower pizza crust

        1. Oh! Let me be "Paula" Harvey: Several years pass. Every now and then I see the packet of cabbage powder in the basket on the shelf, and think to myself, "What the hell did I have in mind for that?"
          About a year ago, I see someone on TV making spaetzle. SPAETZLE, of course!!! What a relief to *finally* remember, and to still think it's a good idea. Next day, determined to make the cabbage spaetzle before I again forget the concept, I beat up an egg, measure out some flour, guessing how much cabbage powder and onion powder I want to sub for some of the flour, and reach for the packet. Strange, I don't recall it being speckled. Even stranger, *moving* speckles. I picked up the packet, which streamed cabbage powder and tiny living things through the holes they'd eaten through the plastic. I'm all for added protein, but not to this extent. It really did look like these critters were getting out, not in. Best not to think about what other incipient life forms are in the packaged foods I buy. Haven't wanted to hear the word "spaetzle" ever since! ;^P

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          1. re: greygarious

            Having been there before, courtesy of bulk grains and beans brought home from health food stores, GAK. Hope your day improves (and pantry is not further infested).

            1. re: greygarious

              Lol, I had an elderly blue box of mac-n-chz that hissed when poured into the boiling water. Nothing like Mother Nature's little surprises, eh?