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What's your latest food project?

The Griddle Cafe

schrutefarms Oct 9, 2010 09:40 AM

Never, ever, ever again. I KNEW how crappy it was, yet I talked myself into a quick breakfast while waiting for a prescription to be filled at Rite-Aid. Coffee was good, my huevos rancheros were not. A puddle of watery refried beans, some other, indecipherable sauce tossed in, with a sphere of rubbery melted orange cheese literally half an inch thick on top. I couldn't find eggs or tortillas in the whole mess. The best part was the avocado and sour cream that was an extra two dollars. I had about three bites and called it a day. $25 later, I was walking out. Service was fine, I was even offered a to-go cup for my coffee, which I thought was nice, unfortunately it wasn't enough to ever get me back. Denny's would have been an amazing breakfast in comparison, for a third of the price. I guess it was one of those things where you have to see if it's really as bad as you remembered. It was so much worse than that.

  1. uhockey Oct 9, 2010 10:27 AM

    I think the money is in the sweet breakfasts - not the savories.


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