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Oct 9, 2010 09:06 AM

Refrigerator with thermostats. Does it exist?

It's fall everywhere. In my kitchen, the temperature swings are huge because one wall is windows. Even with shade cloth, the temperatures get high. (Later in winter this is wonderful, but right now the high temperatures make for some refrigerator in the room gets hot and the frig side freezes everything in it.)
Surely someone makes a home refrigerator with 'real' thermostats for both the refrigerator side and the freezer side.

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  1. Shallots;

    You can always use the homebrew beer-makers trick and buy an external thermostat that the fridge plugs into. You leave the fridge set on highest, and plug its power cord into the thermostat. The probe runs in through the door seal. Very accurate, and about $50 from Honeywell. Many homebrew stores stock them.

    Won't help you with having dual controls for fridge and freezer, though.....


    1. We have an LG refrigerator that I bought last year at Sears that has thermostats for fridge and freezer.

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        I have a Kenmore fridge that's about 9 years old with digital thermometers for both fridge and freezer. I can change the temp setting with up/down buttons. My freezer is at 0 and my fridge is at 37.

      2. I assume you mean where you set a real temp rather than some "funny number" between 1 and 7?
        I don't know how accurate it is but my GE Profile has you set a temperature on a digital pad for both the freezer (I think mine's at 0 F) and fridge (mine's at 39F). Still doesn't mean that it won't freeze my veggies if I put them in the wrong spot in the fridge.

        1. That sounds like a total pain in the butt. One other low-tech solution could be to just buy a couple fridge and freezer thermometers and keep an eye on them.

          Sub-Zero fridges all have real digitally-controlled thermostats. Pretty sure Fisher & Paykel do as well.