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Oct 9, 2010 04:23 AM

Tim Horton's -Yuk

I stopped at a Tim Horton's the other day and ordered a muffin, the first that I've had there there in many years. I was quite shocked at how really terrible it was. It had this rubbery texture and was like chewing a mouthful of glue. It was ever worse than the muffins at McDonald's that have that same rubbery quality.

How does this place stay in business serving such really bad stuff? I guess that it is a testament to the power of marketing over quality.

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  1. It used to be really good. They would make the food items fresh on the premises (or at least a nearby location with a bigger kitchen). But since they merged with Wendy's, the foods have been shipped in flash frozen and then just heated up. The result: yuck. Up here in Canada I think the reason for its continued success is partly from national pride, partly tradition and partly because people genuinely like the coffee and tolerate the food for its sake.

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      Tim Horton's isn't owned by Wendy's anymore. It was spun off and is now a Canadian publicly owned company. And the coffee is horrific.

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        You missed the point. When TH was acquired by Wendy's, the bean counters figured saving a few cents per item by cooking them at a central location and then shipping them frozen for reheating was a good strategy. It also allowed them to open locations in gas bars and grocery stores, which already had expensive amenities like parking lots and street access, thus increasing brand awareness and gross sales. However, that selling frozen reheated goods was completely at odds with Wendy's "fresh, never frozen" mantra apparently never occurred to them.

        Then, when Wendy's spun off TH, the new owners felt that people were accepting the new crap already, so why bother with the expense (equipment, training, etc.) of replacing the old system? Slouching toward greatness...

        (BTW, I do like the soups and sandwiches, as long as they're not on the bagels. A bit pricey compared to McD/BK, but freshly made, and tasty.)

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          This makes sense. TH used to be great. Now it's just about terrible.

          I think a lot of people have been conditioned to think that, that is how coffee should taste.


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            re: the coffee.

            I worked at an office that bought the tins of TH ground coffee. We made it ourselves, and I thought it was just fine. The stuff at the stores is significantly weaker. Again, I wonder if it's the bean counters who've decided to stretch each pound by shorting the pot a couple of tea spoons of coffee. But, that is only speculation on my part.

    2. I don't mind the coffee, it's my go to cup when I don't want to get too wired. If it's watered down in the stores, it wouldn't surprise me. I have never been a big fan of their muffins, for the reasons described so well above. Can't say I'm fond of their soups, either. The doughnuts are OK. Sandwiches are too sweet, no matter which one I get.

      1. I used to love their veggie sandwich: just the right size and they spread cream cheese on it instead of butter/mayo. But it tasted off the last couple of times I got it so I stopped. Don't know what they're doing differently but I do miss it.

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          I don't think they sell that anymore in any event, both that and the tuna salad sandwich are goners.

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            Shows you how long it's been since I've gone to one ;)