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Oct 8, 2010 09:39 PM

escaping the burbs for a (lunch/dinner/breakfast) *WITHOUT* the kids.... in Denver!

having a little mini one-night acation with my husband... escaping the suburban boundaries of littleton for a little holiday in our backyard (aka denver). we've lived here three years, but have two kids under the age of four.. so we don't get out much. this is also the first time we've gone overnight (together) without the kids... so somewhat of an occasion. so we're looking for a really nice place for dinner especially. trying to stick to downtown/cherry creek... as we'll be cabbing it from our hotel for the most part.

so here is where I've eaten (and enjoyed)... parallel 17 (duck-fat fried rice, need i say more? not to mention their infused vodkas). table six (the only thing I don't get there is the tater tots, delicious, yes... but what can you eat after having that for an app), and Vesta dipping grill (good, but not great.. tho fun for a group).

I've also eaten at beatrice & woodsley... and well, it was slightly off the mark for me.. like this dish was too sweet, that one not hot or cold enough... good concept, but not quite right execution. tho even if food were spot on, it would be a bit too precious for my husband.

would prefer no italian (so osteria marco is off the table.. husband's family is Italian, its against his religion to go out for italian food) or french (as in hard-core french... influenced is ok). no sushi, I love it, but my husband not so much. he's adventurous, but doesn't do raw stuff.

my first thought was fruition... I've nearly shorted out my keyboard drooling over their spring/summer menu... but fall just seems heavy and not overly exciting. we both love spicy food, bright flavors... and a good wine list!

also would love any suggestions for a nice place to get a drink before or after dinner... someplace we can linger and enjoy our child-less-ness. we're definitely going to hit d-bar for dessert... I had a few tastes of their desserts at a tasting/fundraiser... can't wait to try a full-sized treat. we're hitting snooze for breakfast in the a.m. I know its gotten mixed review on this board, but all I can say is sweet potato pancakes with ginger butter... *drools*

thanks in advance!

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  1. forgot to add... was looking at rioja... always hear good things about that place on here... and mizuna?

    1. The 9th Door is great too - tapas and a nice vibe inside. I loved Parallel 17 too......oooh! Venue in the Highlands is AWESOME - their shrimp and grits is FANTASTIC!

      9th Door
      1808 Blake St, Denver, CO 80202

      Parallel 17
      1600 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80218

      1. how about the restaurant kevin taylor? my husband being a meat-a-vore is drawn to this one. we tried to get reservations at rioja, but its booked... well, unless we don't mind eating at 10pm at night...

        seems like kevin taylor gets mixed reviews... was thinking maybe lunch at osteria marco... maybe an early lunch... just get the burrata and some salumi... maybe a light salad to feel somewhat virtuous.. then a later dinner at kt?

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          French martini in the Cruise Room, dinner in The Ship's Tavern?

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            IMO, Restaurant Kevin Taylor is excellent, some of Denver's best "fine dining". But it is "fine dining", the place has a very formal vibe to it. That's not a criticism, and maybe that is what you or the husband want, but it's not a place that one would call "casual" or "fun".

            Restaurant Kevin Taylor
            1106 Fourteenth Street, Denver, CO 80202

          2. Are you going to stay downtown? No sense cabbing to Mizuna or Fruition (though they are both excellent) when there are so many good spots downtown.

            Since you don't get out much, why not make it a night of appetizer hopping? You could hit Larimer Square (Rioja, TAG, and Osteria I know that your hubbie would be against it, but they have house made burrata, I bet his family is not making that at home...I bet he would love it...from one italian to another!). Then walk up to the ninth door, glass of sangria and some tapas, then over riverfront park to Colt and Grey, then across the bridge to Lola. Cab back to hotel from there...

            225 East Seventh Avenue, Denver, CO 80203

            Tag Restaurant
            1441 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80202

            1431 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80202

            9th Door
            1808 Blake St, Denver, CO 80202

            Larimer Square
            , Denver, CO 80202

            Lola - Denver
            1575 Boulder St., Denver, CO 80211

            Colt & Gray
            1553 Platte Street, Denver, CO 80202