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Oct 8, 2010 08:04 PM

Special Indian or Thai dinner downtown?

I am coming to Seattle for a business meeting at the W Hotel and want to find a nice Indian or Thai restaurant within walking distance for after with a friend. I am on a rather modest budge and hoping for fifty dollars or so for both of us with a glass ow wine each. Any suggestions? I like Thai and Indian cuisines because they are savory and spicey with lots of non meat options...but open to other options...

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  1. There is no worthwhile Indian or Thai in downtown. You'll need to drive/cab/bus elsewhere for decent Thai. And across the lake to the east side for Indian.

    If you insist on eating downtown, the best Indian will be Pabla and maybe the Tandoori Hut in Belltown (which is not quite walking distance for some folks). For Thai, it will be either Thai Ginger or Jasmine. Maybe Mae Phim. Simply Thai in the International District is also worthwhile (for the $5 budget diner).

    Tandoori Hut
    2616 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

    1. I agree not much Thai or Indian downtown... but there is Thai-ish.

      I think Wild Ginger would work for what you are looking for... though I'm not sure about the price range for wine. They have a vegetarian menu and I've have enjoyed meals there when I have gone. I've come in under $50 for 2 but we were just having tea with our dinner.

      If you can make the Happy Hour time frame [4-6] The Triple Door is served by Wild Ginger's kitchen and has good prices on drinks and appetizers. You could definitely eat here in your price range.

      Triple Door
      216 Union St, Seattle, WA 98101

      1. Since you are open to other ideas you might want to consider Long Provincial. It is Vietnamese and fairly near the W. It has some good vegetarian options. Not sure how much wine costs there, but in general it should be ok within your budget.