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Oct 8, 2010 07:45 PM

Fairfield County Pizza Question--NOT looking for recommendations where to eat or your favorite place [moved from Southern New England board]

This evening, My wife and daughter wanted pizza and food takeout from a local Trumbull Italian restaurant/pizzaria.
It's ok, but my preference is New Haven, thinner brick oven.

On the box there are palces for the restaurant to check off the toppings. Onions, Sausage, Mushrooms, etc.

I've seen this many times, BUT one topping listed was "BROTHER JOHN"
I have never heard of this. I asked the kid at the counter and he had no idea either, and said we don't have it on the menu.

I got home and my youngest asked my wife about this. The wife is a Trumbull native, and she answered that this is a Fairfield/Westport/Wilton pie, but didn't know what it was. She seen the term but never the pizza.

I googled the term and got no accurate hits. A perusal of on line menus of pizza joints in the subject area revealed nothing.

So, I ask any of my fellow Fairfield County CHers who live further down county than I:

What is a BROTHER JOHN Pizza?

Or is some paperbox company just running a spoof?

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  1. sorry B, nothing from this part of FFD

    1. I grew up in Trumbul and have never heard of this, please post if you find out?

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