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40 Birthday Party Celebrating the 70s forward - what appetizers do you serve?

My husband and I are planning a 40th birthday party for ourselves. We are planning music covering the last 4 decades, inviting guests to come dressed as their favorite decade, drinks and appetizers. What appetizers would you serve that would be indicative of the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s.

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  1. rumaki (for the early 70's period)

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      cheese balls (rolled in nuts, please)...spinach and artichoke dip...jello salad...that awful hot dip with dried beef and cream cheese.

    2. Definately go with the spinach and artichoke dip. Cocktail weiners. Meatballs in the Grape Jelly sauce. Onion dip. Little sandwiches with the crust cut off. Pinwheel sandwiches.Teriyaki chicken wings.

      1. Pigs in a blanket :) Maybe some English Muffin pizzas LOL :)

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          Hey now Jim, I still LOVE pigs in blankets! You mean they're outdated? :(

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            actually pigs in a blanket have been making a comeback the last few years (upscaled natch)

        2. hey....pesto, sun dried tomatoes, raspberry vinegar. not together! sushi

            1. for '90s, dim sum! Get some frozen shumai.

              '80s, wine coolers. I know, not an appetizer. Isn't that the decade that nachos became the big thing?

              '70s, the Knorr soup mix spinach dip in the bread bowl.

              1. Great ideas - thanks for the posts! I know this is a home cooking board but what do you do about decorations? I only thought about a disco ball.

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                  Fog machines aren't too expensive, and you could probably get some stills of celebrities and trends: the rollerskating, the discos, andy warhol, cbgb's. And I think ceviche shooters would represent the '80's beautifully, or oyster shooters. and definitely layered vodka jello shooters.

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                    decorations, any idiot with a printer can download celeb shots, weirdly crop them, do a Warholian color job and blow them up as big as you have the capacity. easier in Photoshop, but you can set any kids available at it with some crayons on the prints. doesn't take much, and the more unconsidered the better (I can say that as an art major and admirer of Warhol) hell laminate them as placemats for the table. "you'll be seated at Bianca, next to Truman"