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Oct 8, 2010 06:48 PM

wedding venue help--Granite Club or Four Seasons?

Has anyone had a wedding at, or attended a wedding at Granite Club or Four Seasons in Toronto? I am booking my wedding in Toronto from overseas and would like to find reviews on the food and service at both of these places. I have heard great things about 4 Seasons but prefer the outdoor space at Granite although I have been unable to find any food reviews on Granite. Please send your thoughts! Thanks for your help!!! (the wedding will have cocktail hour and sit down dinner)

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  1. The Four Seasons is moving to a new site. They might not be open for your date.

    1. I had my wedding at the Four Seasons. Everything was impeccable. I especially appreciated the fine details that you can only get at a hotel: going up to our room at the end of the night. At 3am, they brought in a freshly prepared serving of the meals we served at our wedding since we didn't get the time to really enjoy it during the wedding. And the food was out of this world. I like the hotel because their first priority is food vs. the granite club (which I have attended events at as well) where food is secondary to other things.

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        Thanks for the input. Four seasons is open and sounds great (so I have heard from a few people). The Granite just redesigned its ballroom which is beautiful and I like the gardens but have heard nothing about the food really, I guess they do put it second!! Did you like the food at Granite?

      2. The Granite Club food is very vanilla; tastes good but very banquet hall-ish in terms of originality and plating. Four Seasons is much more decadent; they can do almost anything and do it so well with so many first class chefs on hand. And since it is a wedding you are planning from overseas, it is a one stop shop: spa, rooms, wedding, and brunch the next day, to name a few.

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          I'm afraid I have to disagree on the 'food'! With Truffles closed and only Studio cafe in operation, all the previous so called ' first class chefs' are no longer there! Currently, Studio cafe's food is fairly mediocre. Granite Club's kitchen, with ex-Herbs Anthony Nuth at the helm offers up better food, IMO. However, I must admit my comments are based on my ' non-banquet' style dinner experience.
          For the 'whole package', the Fourseasons may be the way to go?!

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            Thanks this is helpful. We will stay at the Four Seasons even if we go with Granite. I know that Four Seasons is moving later in the year, so I will do some investigating to see that they still have good chefs on board.

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              Anthony Nuth is the chef at Granite Golf Club in Stouffville, not at the Bayview Ave club. Anthony is terrific; Nigel Didcock is the chef at the Granite Club. He runs a first rate kitchen as well.

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                The Granite Club has come a long way in the last few years - the food is now excellent and I have had some wonderful wines there as well. It's really really good. And while it might be off the beaten path, the landscape around it is gorgeous - it's set right on a ravine so in my view it's a great wedding venue. Lots of outdoor options too.

          2. I was actually just at the Four Seasons a couple weeks ago for a cocktail party to celebrate the launch a new season of a food magazine and the head chefs were on hand to present their fare and it was awesome; some of the most original, delicious cocktail party food ever: foie gras shooter with garlic toasts, scallops on chinese spoons, mini rare roast beef & blue cheese sandwiches, etc... And the bar made the most delicious ice wine martini as the signature cocktail. They've still got game.

            1. Just on the georgraphy, the Granite Club is about a 30-40$ cab ride from most downtown hotels, and at least a 20$ cab ride from the less than decent suburban variety. It's a pain to get to on public transport, and has limited parking for any function over 60 people. You don't get the full fun of the place when you have a function there. As a club, you might be able to get a deal on corkage though.