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What are they yelling about when you enter Guu!?

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I love the enthusiasm, but does anyone know what the waiters/waitresses are yelling when you enter Guu? I would assume "welcome" and "thank you", but I'm just curious as to how to properly pronounciate whatever they're saying so I can also yell back in thanks!

398 Church Street, Toronto, ON M5B 2A2, CA

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  1. Pretty sure they are yelling "irashaimase" (pronounced ee-rah-shy-mah-say) which is "welcome to this place" (or something along that line). Because they are welcoming you to their place, it would not be appropriate for you to yell it back.

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    1. re: EarlyDrive

      Exactly. The proper response is a simple thank you.

      1. re: EarlyDrive

        I aways appreciate that in a Japanese restaurant the staff will acknowledge when you enter or leave the restaurant.

        You can get used to that, and then when you enter a non-Japanese restaurant and you are ignored, or you leave a restaurant and nobody bothers to say "Thank you," you feel like you didn't get good service.

        1. re: EarlyDrive

          Great people at Guu. Next time I encourage you to just ask them. : )

          398 Church Street, Toronto, ON M5B 2A2, CA

        2. you should be yelling back "gochisosamadeshita."

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          1. re: Crispier Crouton

            Upon your departure, perhaps, but not when you enter, as it means (approximately) "It was indeed a feast."
            Upon arrival, if you want to give them the impression you're from Osaka, a nice casual "Maido!" (my-doh) will do the trick.

            1. re: tbonetak

              Yeah, when you leave. That's what I meant, sorry.

              When you enter, I think it's great to yell out, "onaka suita!" as demandingly as possible.

              1. re: Crispier Crouton

                Nice! You could go with "Hara hetta!" too.

              2. re: tbonetak

                When I go to Fin Izakaya (better than Guu, IMO) I scream back "konban wah" for "good evening"!