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Oct 8, 2010 06:18 PM

Looking for Nicoise olives

The olive lady at JT Market didn't have them and said she doubted there was anywhere in Mtl you could get them except a place in Little Italy on St. Laurent. Anyone see these kind of olives lately? Are they called something else as well?

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  1. You can get little black olives at Soares on Duluth. They are very similar to olives I've had in Nice although they might be a Portugese version of the same.

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      Saw some at Jean-Talon market today in the Italian shop, Boucherie Capitol, tidily labelled "olives nicoises". They look the same as the ones sold at Soares.

    2. the olive bar at Les Cing Saisons on Greene in Westmount has them! Back of the store where the butcher is. Yum. Love the others they have there too I believe the niçcoises are at the far right.

      1. Haven't checked recently, but I've seen niçoise-style (small, dark brownish, brined) olives in bulk at Fromagerie Atwater on the ground floor of the Atwater market. Far less expensive than buying them in jars or vacuum packs.

        I've never seen bulk niçoise olives at the JTM or in Little Italy.

        1. I've gotten them from Milano's on St-Laurent, which is probably the place the lady meant. It's probably at most a 10 minute walk from the Jean-Talon market.