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Oct 8, 2010 06:00 PM

Is Artuso's bakery coming to Mamaroneck?

Is this true? I heard that they are opening a shop in Mamaroneck. Does anyone know if this is correct?

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      1. re: baq2872

        not sure but acroos from cafe mozart towards post rd

    1. Artuso's is ok, but what's wrong with Boiano?

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      1. re: Proud_2_Be_A_CH_Peep

        Really, Artuso's across from Mozart. Why would an Italian Pastry shop open up across the street from a mostly Italian bakery shop?

        And to answer your question, nothing is wrong with Boiano's. Boiano is a solid bakery - not everything is great and I agree that some can disappoint but other items are wonderful and the majority are good. I've found almost all bakeries to be inconsistent in that way.

        Boiano is part of the fabric of the neighborhood and I find it obnoxious for an Italian Pastry shop to open up across the street from a Italian Pastry Shop. Is this why Boiano chose to expand and add the tables?

        The owner Pasquale who also owns Cosmo and Alex is a really good guy too. I've not been to Artuso's and it may be terrific but unless they're stuff is revelatory I will continue to patronize Boiano.

        1. re: laylag

          I guess the Asian Fusion craze wouldn't be complete without Little Italy. Most of the Westchester bakeries' specialties seem to be cremes, which are good, but I wish more focused on fruit pies.

      2. They are in town and the best sphinge and latte . I have not sat down and enjoyed a desert like that in a long time! And the service was top notch. Love you guys see you soon! Good luck!