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Oct 8, 2010 05:53 PM


Here is the deal, my family could eat kraft mac and cheese and be happy. My father (a great guy) always tries his hardest to fit my daughter (almost 2 years old and a great sitter) into his schedule.

He has invited us to dinner in Westland and suggested the olive (f-ing) garden. My lord, I know that I am a total food snob but I think I would rather eat at tubby's submarine than the olive garden.

Get some suggestions to save me from dreading the next 2 days please. We are planning on being out there on Sunday night so please don't suggest a fish place (I don't want Thursday's fish on Sunday).

Thanks everyone in advance.

PS I assume because I am a total bitch about my food that we can all go about 30 minutes drive time from Westland (my dad is used to it, bless his sole).

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  1. Giulio's in Livonia ...
    Plymouth, west of Merriaman.
    South side of Plymouth

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    1. re: rainsux

      Thanks good is it? Do they use hand cut cheese? Are they pasta or meat?

      1. re: ray73

        Yes, Giulio's is pretty good (how the heck would I know if they hand cut cheese?). But, if you're serious about a 30 minute drive from Westland, that opens up a thousand possibilities!

        Heck, I'm even thinking about another couple places Rainsux has recently mentioned--- Pizzaria Biga and Toasted Oak. (?) Can you shed any more light on what you desire? What about going down to I94 and then heading west to Slow's BBQ? Is Middle Eastern out of the question? Downtown Plymouth is a family-oriented crowd pleaser.

        1. re: vtombrown

          You can always tell hand cut, it pools in giant melted gobs of goodness on stuff like pizza and breads.... as opposed to shredded that just coats everything and in my opinion creates a uniform flavor and ruins the chance to taste other things like the sauce.

        2. re: ray73

          Giulio's is an italian restaurangt with a full menu. All the typical pasta, meat & seafood
          dishes. Their kitchen is very capable. Never had poor or bad service.

      2. There's a new place in Canton (technically), but it's basically in Westland... Ford Road a tad east of 275. I haven't been, but I've heard nothing but good things:

        Hayden's Grill and Bar
        39895 Ford Rd.
        Canton, MI 48187

        Seems pretty standard newish/modernish American fare. But that stuff is usually crowd-pleasing.

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        1. re: jjspw

          I looked at haydens.... I think we have a winner with this one... thanks and I will let you know how it is.

          1. re: jjspw

            Haydens is not what I would put at the middle of a list for places to eat on that side of town.... I would put it somewhere near any poorly ran coney island in the area.

            First off, the service was horrible all around. From the hostess that didn't bring the highchair to the waitress (Victoria) that first forgot drinks then her making us wait forever once she dropped the bill off.

            The app was average. Nothing you haven't gotten before if you ordered spinach dip or artichoke dip.

            The meal was less than average. I had the smothered chicken and it was soaked in warm water all night then sent to a flat grill for warming. When you bit it into it the explosion was not of juice, but of tap water that it had been simmering in all night. It had zero flavor, soggy meat, and if it wasn't for the smothering part would have been totally tasteless. I also ordered a baked potato with fixings and got the mashed red skins with fixings.

            My wife ordered their highly recommended mac and cheese.... it was sad. First off, if Haydens has 3 eateries in the state of Michigan they should know they are competing against Zingermans and the Union in Clarkston (2 of the best in the country at mac and cheese). It was terrible and just 1 step above needing the trash can.

            My father, who I mentioned really isn't that into food, sent his steak back. It was not cooked at all (put on a plate raw) and filled with tendons, which means it wasn't a top cut sirloin as the waitress had said. Mom's steak was to her liking but she is even less interested in food than my dad.

            Overall, it was a 3 out of 10. For almost 100 bucks with tip for a family of 4 with a child, I could have done better at Leos coney island. I would have given it a 4 out of 10 but I took a point off for the condition of the bathroom....

            The one shining item, the kids meal cheese burger with fresh broccoli was tasty and cooked perfect.... so at least my daughter wasn't disappointed, then again she is 21 months and sometimes reaches in her own diaper for a taste.

            1. re: ray73

              Oh my word! Sounds absolutely putrid!!! I'm sorry I suggested the place... well, actually, the idiots who've been raving about Hayden's on Yelp should be apologizing to you! :-( What a disappointing family meal.

              1. re: jjspw

                I don't hold it against you jj.... I even told my wife before the meal that it came from a friend of a friend....

                I do believe with a few simple changes (like waitresses and front house staff that aren't just good looking people, but know the job) would be a huge improvement. I assume at the other 2 established places they are rocking a good meal, great service and providing wonderful flavor... I am not driving to Saginaw though for that menu. I say they must be rocking because this place was top notch in design from the bar to the bathroom... The pass through was amazing (pass through is the tour you get from the hostess and a good one will make you follow her like a penguin walking through spaces that make no sense in order to reach your destination).

                I also was told by my wife that they forgot to bring my cottage cheese (my second side) that I ordered for my daughter...... so many errors it was silly... I couldn't be drunk and do a worse job at any station that we experienced and I am half tempted to offer the owner a mac and cheese recipe that will allow them to boast about what they put on a plate and not be shamed by someone that knows what is available in their market slamming them for the substandard product they put on a plate.

                1. re: ray73

                  I say we get drunk and try to throw a dinner party! Just to see how bad we would do....

                  1. re: JanPrimus

                    send me your email and I will show you what I can make... I am always up for a cooks tour!

                    I just made a nice berry pudding.... put "I want" in the subject so it doesn't go to spam.