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Oct 8, 2010 04:43 PM

Best lunch strategies for sightseeing around Coba and Valladolid?

We're heading to Tulum again for a long weekend with friends (yay La Zebra!). One day we're headed for Coba/Dzitnup and another for Valladolid/Monkey Preserve. Are we best off getting chicken and tortillas at the Coba turnoff for the Coba day or are there restos in/near town that are worth checking out? And where to grab a good lunch in/near Valladolid?

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  1. The San Francisco market at 307 and Coba Rd. in Tulum has pre-made sandwiches, usually ham and cheese (skimpy but not bad), and bollo rolls in the bakery area. I recommend that the 4 of you start there and get a styrofoam cooler and ice and water and some groceries and fruit. The chicken shacks have their first batches ready about 11:30, so if you want a morning start they won't be ready. But if you leave around that time I would get a chicken also. Coba doesn't have much of a town, and the couple tourist restos near the entrance and parking area I would not want to depend on. Coba is expansive and can be a lot of walking, bicycles are for rent and you will see more with them, and it has the last pyramid you can still climb. Most of the walking trails are nicely shaded.
    Vallodolid is a cute little town oriented around a magnificent old church, and there are numerous spots for a fun lunch right around the square there.

    1. You might consider doing Coba/Punta Laguna on one day and Valladolid/Dzitnup one the other day to avoid excess driving.

      1. There is a restaurant on the town square that always seems to have good food, the whole side of the restaurant is open to the street and the other side is the hotel courtyard so you will recognise it

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          I think you are referring to the resto at the Meson del Marques in Vallodolid?

        2. Thanks for the insider info, folks. Appreciate it!

          1. On the northeast corner of the main plaza in Valladolid, through the arches there is an arcade called the Bazar Municipal. There are 5 or 6 small restaurants there serving wonderful, inexpensive typical Valladolid fare. I can't think of a better place to try longaniza de Valladolid, tamales made in banana leaves wth creamy masa, egg enchiladas with pumpkinseed sauce, as well as the typical yucatecan pork and turkey preparations. The scene is mainly locals (there are so few tourists in this charming town). As anyone walks into the arcade each restaurant has a guy standing in front and they all start shouting about how their food is best, it is quite amusing. One of the best meals we had on our short trip to Yucatan.

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              I can't even eat in the Bazaar anymore. So flipping greasy and gross. For antojitos, I found some restaurant right across from Hotel Zaci that my sister in law took us to much tastier and less greasy. Can't remember the name though. Still like the lomitos they sell outside the church in the mornings though.