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Oct 8, 2010 04:17 PM

tomate de arbol in Boston?

Hi everyone,

I am really interested in making some authentic Ecuadorian salsa de aji and am trying to get my hands on some tomates de arbol. They are also called tamarillos or possibly tree tomatoes in English. They are not really tomatoes but are a fruit that grow on trees that look similar to tomatoes. Anything in the Brookline/Allston/Brighton area is awesome, but I am willing to go on more of a trek for them if needed. Even a store that sells the pulp frozen would be helpful. I've tried Sunrise Market on Brighton Ave and Super 88 with no luck, but was wondering if I maybe just had bad timing or managed to miss them somehow. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to buy them? I figure with the lack of Ecuadorian restaurants in Boston, I might as well try to make some Ecuadorian food on my own!!

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