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Bucatini Iowa City

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Does anyone know where in Iowa City you can buy bucatini? Have not seen it at Hyvee or the COOP. Chongs used to caerry it but don't anymore Thanks A lot

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  1. I find it occasionally at New Pi and Hy-vee, but not consistently. I think that the Coralville New Pi is where I last saw it. I always by a few packs when I see it. All the Hy-Vee's have different stuff so maybe try a different one?

    3504 Clinton Pkwy, Lawrence, KS 66047

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      I'm only 3 blocks fromm the one on 1st Ave, so I tend to go there. Gonna go check Bread Garden on the way to work tomorrow.

    2. I finally found a great source. Five Star Mediterranean Market has multiple varitions on it, plus a lot of other items that are reasonably priced

      Mediterranean Market & Cafe
      3300 Bob Billings Pkwy, Lawrence, KS 66049