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Oct 8, 2010 01:50 PM

Bucatini Iowa City

Does anyone know where in Iowa City you can buy bucatini? Have not seen it at Hyvee or the COOP. Chongs used to caerry it but don't anymore Thanks A lot

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  1. I find it occasionally at New Pi and Hy-vee, but not consistently. I think that the Coralville New Pi is where I last saw it. I always by a few packs when I see it. All the Hy-Vee's have different stuff so maybe try a different one?

    3504 Clinton Pkwy, Lawrence, KS 66047

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      I'm only 3 blocks fromm the one on 1st Ave, so I tend to go there. Gonna go check Bread Garden on the way to work tomorrow.

    2. I finally found a great source. Five Star Mediterranean Market has multiple varitions on it, plus a lot of other items that are reasonably priced

      Mediterranean Market & Cafe
      3300 Bob Billings Pkwy, Lawrence, KS 66049