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Oct 8, 2010 01:50 PM

Candy-making supplies in Montreal?

Hi - With Halloween and my daughter's 3rd birthday fast-approaching I want to make some homemade favors and treats.

I am looking for a store that sells basic stuff like sucker sticks, those melting chocolate disks and black food color.... I'd prefer to find a place in the Downtown/Plateau/Montreal area, but do have a car to drive further afield if needed.

In the US I would find this at Michael's Craft stores or bigger party supply stores. I visited one party store on Papineau but they don't carry stuff like that.


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  1. I think France Decor on Henri-Bourassa may have what you need. Also, any of the Ares stores should as well.

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    1. re: chefjeannine

      I also recommend Ares. The store in Pointe Claire is great for pastry and sugar work supplies (Ares Kitchen and Baking Supplies - 2355-A Trans-Canada Highway).

    2. France Decor. That's where i get all my chocolateering supplies.

      You could go to Ares too if you have no problem with paying 10 times the price....

      1. Thanks for your suggestions - a search on this board showed the addresses of those places (and a couple more). Don't know why my original search of the QC board didn't pick those up.

        But for anyone else who finds my post - check out this previous thread on cake making supplies:

        1. try The Bulk Barn in DDO (if you have a car), the prices are great and they have everything you will need, including molds, food colors, candy bags etc.

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          1. re: bistrobabe

            Does anyone know if France Decor have supplies for hard candy making? I also need anise extract and black food color. I need some store that is accessible by public transport

            1. re: eddao

              You can likely get both those things at Epices Anatol's on St-Laurent below Jean-Talon - call first:

              6822 St-Laurent Blvd.

              1. re: kpzoo

                Oh awesome, that's like 5 minutes from where I live, thanks!

                1. re: eddao

                  It's an amazing place - hope they have what you're looking for! They will probably have the flavouring & food colour - may not have the molds & materials, though - just reread your original request. Good luck!