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Oct 8, 2010 01:48 PM

How to prevent flame in recipe that calls for bourbon-- suggestions?

I just found this recipe for Irish Apple Maple Pork Chops, and hope to make it tonight. However, it calls for cooking the chops on a heavy skillet over medium heat, removing them, and then adding oil, garlic, and a quarter cup of bourbon. Then you're supposed to cover and cook on high for a minute, and do a few more steps. Though it sounds delicious, I'm terrified of a huge uncontrollable flame (though it is not mentioned in recipe). Should I expect a flame? Is there a way to prevent it? Thanks so much.

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  1. Turn the heat off under the pan before adding the bourbon. You'll be fine.

    1. Presumably you have a gas stovetop? Steps to avoid flame:

      Measure the bourbon before you begin. Turn off the burner/ring before adding the bourbon. Add the bourbon, cover, and THEN turn the flame back on.

      Alcohol flames, with such a small amount, are generally neither huge nor uncontrollable, and they certainly don't last very long. Even if it does flame up, the only fuel it has is what's in the pan! Nothing to be afraid of.


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        Actual, it's electric. Does that make a difference with the alcohol?

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          Definitely. No flame = less likelihood of the alcohol combusting.

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            I've cooked on an electric stove for 40 years and never had alcohol ignite, even when poured directly from the bottle into a hot pan with the burner on. Sometimes when flambeeing, it takes several tries with a lit match, since the alcohol needs to warm up first. No precautions are necessary unless cooking over an open flame.

        2. Drink the other 3/4 cup first and have fun.

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            So it sounds like I should be ok- thanks so much everyone! Looking forward to a yummy porkchop!

            1. Covering the pan will deprive the environment of oxygen, so no flame.

              1. Just want to report that I did as you guys instructed and had no flame! also had THE MOST DELICIOUS PORK CHOPS i have ever made. it was an awesome recipe. thanks all!