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Oct 8, 2010 12:24 PM

Need Help with Pie Ideas

I am going to bake a pie for Thanksgiving (this weekend in Canada) and have no idea what kind to make. My daughter wants a combination of strawberry/rhubarb/apple pie. Is this too many ingredients for pie or should I just go whole hog and maybe even add cranberries into the mix?

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  1. I'd make 2 pies -- one strawbery-rhubarb, and one apple-cranberry!

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      1. re: weezycom

        same here but idk abt the strawberry rhubarb its maybe more a summer pie, but if u still can find good tasting fresh berries go for it. Frozen its okey but i would rather choose fresh fruit for the pies

        1. re: L987

          Thanks - I'll go with the two pies.

          1. re: L987

            Cherry rhubarb would work too. I'm personally not a big fan of cranberries in pie, but I understand it's T-day. I'd prolly do apple peach (despite season) just because I prefer that combo... or apple/pear.

      2. mmm, whole hog pie :)