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Oct 8, 2010 10:40 AM

Le Petit Maison in Nice

We were lucky to get a table as we didn't make a reservation. We were sitted at the worst table in the restaurant but that didn't bother me because their food made up for the bad table.
I had roasted bone marrows as an appetizer which were really good. They came with really good toasted baguette. As for main, I ordered a cod fish dish which was out of this fresh, tender, flaky...moist...juicy...simply, it was the best tasting cod fish I've ever had. My husband ordered grilled mullet fishes and that too was really good, fresh, nutty and crunchy. The portion was large too..he must have gottten at least 8 -10 grilled fishes.
The dessert was rather disappointing. We shared a tiramisu and wasn't memorable at all.
Now the negative, OMG, that lady of the restaurant(perhaps an owner or a manager) was the rudest thing I've ever seen. A true French experience, I tell ya. I so wanted to slap her. Not to be missed..LOL
Otherwise, other young waiters were friendly.

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  1. Nicole Rubi has run La Petite Maison like a club; it is where people in Nice go to network. Sarkozy always eats there when in Nice and takes other Presidents. Elton John is a regular. I am surprised that you got a table; she must have just had a cancellation. The cuisine has its ups and downs I think, although I haven't been there in years. The enterprise is changing now; she is open in Cannes and London. New York is coming soon in the old Grayz space on 54th Street. She talks of having Petites Maisons all around the world.

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    1. re: beaulieu

      That's very interesting. Thanks for the info.
      I did a few research on this lady, NIcole Rubi and a lot of 'famous' people seem to adore her saying she is a sweet heart. I cracked up when I read that.
      As for Sarkozy and other famous people eating there, I don't care. I am in NYC. I've eaten at places Bush and Clinton are regulars.

      1. re: Monica

        Well, you say you got the 'French experience'. So maybe she gave you what she sensed you were expecting. Your last sentence is very telling, I must say.

        1. re: Ptipois

          no, got it wrong...never mind.

    2. La Petite Maison in Nice is one of my favorite restaurant in the South of France, the food is great and the atmosphere just rocks.

      1. good food, yes but who want to have a bad service, they are known for the worst service.
        If you love yourself don't go there.

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        1. re: freshproduce

          I was only there once and I understand the issues people have with the aura of exclusivity and the personality of the owner, but I treated everyone there like royalty and expressed my great desire for an opportunity to sample their fare and they eventually responded with warmth and great service. My meal was magnificent. Incredibly fresh produce - fresh tomatoes and lemons on every table. The tomatoes smelled and tasted like they had been picked from the garden a few minutes earlier. The eggs with truffles were perfect. The fish filet and vegetables were magnificent. I want to go back!!!!! And I intend to. I plan to spend a few weeks in Nice one summer now that I know that I can eat well. LOL

          1. re: Buzzy2

            Gosh, I am still salivating over the cod fish I had there almost 2 yrs ago. One of the best meals of my life.

            1. re: Monica

              Sounds like we'll both be back!

                1. re: babyblue

                  My comments above are from a visit to the restaurant this past June.

        2. Just read an article in Le Figaro about this Nicole Rubi and la Petite Maison. Indeed she likes to see herself as restauratrice to the stars, and in a very South of France way cultivates politicians and various powerful persons as patrons to her establishment. She also seems to be planning on taking on the world, has gone into partnership with a multimillionaire Indian businessman and plans outlets in Abu Dhabi, London and Beirut. Good luck to her, but I prefer to eat in a more relaxing environment, not some turbo charged capitalist venture.

          1. She opened a restaurant in NYC a few years ago and i believe it is no longer in business.