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Oct 8, 2010 10:36 AM

Bottomless Champagne or Mimosas on Westside?

I alternate weekends between LB and West L.A. and have plenty of local champagne brunch spots in LB. I can't seem to find a good champagne brunch under $20 in West L.A... Anyone have a good recommendation for a place in Culver CIty, Santa Monica, Westside...?

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  1. While it's not an AYCE buffet Cafe Was in Hollywood has a bottomless champagne, mimosa and bloodymary deal for $15 plus whatever you spend on brunch, (Saturday and Sunday only). So maybe it will run you $24 plus tax and tip for food and all the drinks you can consume and still make it home in one piece. Not bad for the LA (more expensive area than LB) area.

    Closer to your desired geographic location is the Overland Cafe in Culver City with a bottomless champagne brunch for $4.99 for the champagne plus the price of whatever you choose for your brunch entree.

    Cafe Was
    1521 N. Vine Street, Hollywood, CA 90028

    1. Cafe del Rey in the Marina. Decent champagne, not rockgut, either.

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        i am a loyal fan of the Cafe del Rey brunch, but it does not come in at Tucanilez' budget: irrc it is $35 for a three course brunch including the booze not including tax, nor tip.
        of course, the food there is terrific.

        you can find me eating their brunch in the lounge area more sundays than not. . ..

        1. re: westsidegal

          Oh, you're right, WSG. OP had me at the bottomless champagne/mimosa tagline. I did not see the price point they were looking for, or at least, it just didn't register.

          I'll look for you next time I go ;)). Do they still have the jazz trio? It's just so nice. We're due to go back. Even my young kids liked it.

          1. re: Phurstluv

            since i recently adopted a new, young, untrained dog, my restaurant outings have been more limited.
            after the pooch is trained and settled in, i'll be back out there.

            the last time i was at cafe del rey it was at night and they had a fine jazz guitarist, overqualified for the gig, but i appreciated his music all the same.

            lately , i've tended to slip in for late dessert: their black forest cake.
            the cake is a bit deconstructed, the 'cake' part is warm and soft, the fruit is room temperature and the cherries are cooked perfectly (NOT the canned stuff you often see and NOT oversugared) topped with cold vanilla bean ice cream and some crispy chocolate flakes. to me, the chocolate has the distinctive flavor of valrhona chocolate. . .

      2. overland cafe has all you can drink champagne for $5 when you purchase an entree. I, personally, have not been though. i'm sure it's cheap champagne but you can drink enough of it to get nice ad drunk by 2 PM on a Sunday afternoon.

        1. I can't speak to the quality (since I haven't eaten there) but Ugo Cafe in Culver City has a sign that on weekends they have bottomless Mimosas, Bellinis, and (I think) Bloody Marys. Definitely Mimosas and Bellinis.

          Ugo Italian Cafe
          3865 Cardiff Ave, Culver City, CA 90232

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          1. re: hhewitt

            I've eaten and Ugo and it sucks! I've gone once and have never been back... Culver City has so many better places to go for food. But, maybe you can go JUST to drink the bottomless champagne?

          2. World cafe on main street in Santa Monica has a bottomless mimosa.