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Oct 8, 2010 10:19 AM

My opinion on Laduree macarons

I was so happy to taste them finally. I got to visit their location in Monoco about 2 weeks ago.
To be honest, after years of waiting, they were slight disappointment. Each one had too much flavors, if that makes any sense....all i remember is how strong the taste of fillings were and nothing else.
I prefer macarons from small pastry shops and even pistachio macarons from Paul.

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  1. Fair enough. Thing is, macarons are as fundamentally different as, say, croissants. First, you have two sorts of recipes -- the ones with cooked eggs and the ones with raw eggs. And if you consider Ledoyen's, they profoundly belong to the candy department and, as such, are pretty surprising, precisely because, as you very aptly say, they have so much flavour. It's the kind of macarons that are made for keeping and that you should compare not to a mushy chocolate cake, but to a lollypop. By contrast, my favourite Grégory Renard belongs much more in the pastry department, with a subtle pairing of textures and flavours. The big chocolate macaron at Dalloyau is like chocolate jam in a thin crust. The Hermé macaron are fixes for sugar junkies who are bored by the monotony of their drug. Etc.

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    1. re: souphie

      And after trying them again (twice) this time, Lauduree's remain my absolute favorites!

      1. re: plafield

        I have tried too many types to list, from 10 or so patisseries, but I have to say that Lauduree is my favorite -- especially for chocolate and raspberry.

      2. re: souphie

        "fixes for sugar junkies who are bored by the monotony of their drug."
        Having just returned from 10 days in America's heartland, I may adopt this as my sig as it applies to so many prepared foods, savory, depressingly, as well as sweet. :(

        And, of course, am with you re the Renard product.

        1. re: mangeur

          Apparently, Laduree is going to open a shop in NYC on August 22:

          It's still my favourite, mainly the caramel-beurre sale version !

            1. re: Dodo

              I usually go to the Printemps shop and find the staff while often under pression still kind. Now, the prices is something different, but c'est la vie. It's the same at Hermé, Hévin, Genin, Patisserie des Reves, etc.

          1. re: souphie

            "The big chocolate macaron at Dalloyau is like chocolate jam in a thin crust. "
            Souphie--I'm a big fan of Dalloyau's caramel macaron.
            However, my family prefers my own homemade macaron over any store bought--and that includes any place in Paris. My speciality is my pistachio filling.

          2. I like Laduree's macarons, although I don't particularly care for their prices.

            All that aside, however, I now actively avoid the place because of the double helping of snotty attitude I've gotten the last few times I've been in there. I don't need to be paying twice the market rate to get treated like dirt by *anybody*. They will not EVER be good enough for that.

            (before anyone asks, I greeted said clerks with a bonjour, spoke in French, *had correct change*, asked nicely, said thank you, and still got nothing but attitude. Not me, not ever again. I now stand outside and wait if visiting friends and family just *have* to have that green bag.)

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            1. re: sunshine842

              Amen, sister. Worse, in my opinion, they aren't that good.

              1. re: mangeur

                I will be making a trip up to Laduree when they open here in New York, to try again. However, I have always found theirs too sweet for my taste. (Caveat: have never had the caramel one.) and I'm not all that into the multiple flavors. My personal preference for macarons is still Maison du Chocolat for their chocolate (quel surpris!) and coffee.

                and actually, I prefer my own, when I take time to make them. That won't be happening during this "summer of sweat" though.

                75 Champs-Élysées, Paris, Île-de-France 75008, FR

                1. re: ChefJune

                  Yup. Agreed on that--waiting for some sweater weather to make some nice home-made macaron!