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Oct 8, 2010 09:58 AM

Laperouse - anyone been lately? (seeking nice place for very large group)

Well, I think the title sums it up - but trying to help a friend with suggestions for a nice dinner place that can accomodate 20 to 40 people. I was thinking one of the large private rooms at Laperouse, but I haven't eaten there in....well, way too long to know if food/service/etc are still up to par. Anyone have any recent experiences there?


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  1. Haven't been there recently, but we did use Laperouse for group meetings. Near the metro & RER stations; very convenient. They have two private rooms that can easily handle your group. The private room premium seems reasonable, and we never had a complaint about the food. The luxe hotels might be superior in terms of quality but will cost much more. Perhaps you should do some personal research, on expense account of course.

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      They recently changed owners and brought in Jean-Sebastien Pouch who was previously at the Bristol for years and became Eric Frechon's second, so now is probably the time to go. I think it is fairly expensive and will cost upwards of 100 € per person.

    2. I have dined in two of the private salons. Neither of them could seat 40. Not even together.
      20 might be able to squeeze in the large salon…
      If your group is 20, you could also reserve the cellar of Les Papilles.
      If you decide to reserve one of the private salons in Lapérouse, don't forget to check out the scratched-up mirror. In the 19th century, gros lards types used to take their "danseuses" to dine there and offer them jewelry if they, well, put out, or, in the parlance, passer à la casserole, I guess. The ladies would surreptitiously scratch their new diamond on the mirror to see if it was real. The resto has always kept the mirror with all the scratches.

      1. thanks for the good info, all! Parigi - their website says the have a room for 50 - maybe they mean 50 very small people standing up! :) I'll look into it & also Papilles!

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          Forest, I've had lots of clients rave about Maceo's pretty room upstairs, the food and of course the wine... give Mark a call!

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            Second Maceo; they have several group menus that top out at 60 Euros; with wine and drinks, the tab can come in under 100 Euros pp. Several metro lines are nearby.