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Oct 8, 2010 09:21 AM

The Friis Coffee Canister

I came across this item the other day in a magazine. It claims to store your coffee fresher for longer.

Is it worth it? Or would any old jar container do?

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  1. mamaseto, for long-term storage, a bag inside a seal-top bag inside the freezer will preserve the beans' freshness more effectively than any room temperature storage solution. For countertop storage, all of the valves and hermetic seals and gizmos in the world will not prevent air from getting to the beans every time you open the jar to scoop out some coffee.

    1. A few days ago, on a similar thread here, someone recommended the Liquid Planet Air Scape.
      I bought the 32 oz size. I didn't believe it would work....but I was wrong. It works very well and better than anything else I've tried.