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Oct 8, 2010 08:13 AM

Green tomatoes

I still have lots of green tomatoes in the garden. now that it's 60 degree days and 40 degree nites here in NY, should I pick them ASAP? Will any ripen out there? I've read they can ripen in a basement, but is this really feasible or should I just make pickled tomatoes or a relish??

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  1. I'd pick them now and use them. You can bread them and fry them, then freeze them like that and use them in an eggplant parm, either with the eggplant or on their own. That way you can enjoy them later this year.

    1. My sister lives near Seattle and they have had a terrible tomato year. She's been telling me that all the local newspapers have been running articles and recipes on what to do with all the green tomatoes (ones that won't ripen, not green zebras e.g.). For more ideas, you might try checking out that area's newspapers. Recently my sister was raving about a green tomato cake. Sounds odd but she said it was delicious.

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      1. In my experience they won't ripen. Pick them now and use them as green tomatoes. I tried that "ripen in a basement" thing one year and all they did was rot :)

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          They will turn orange. I have seen the basket of green tomatoes at Publix and more than half of them were not green. They are still firm like a green tomato but no longer green.

        2. I think what vie read is that you can ripen them, for instance in your windowsill, if they have even a hint of blush to them. The all green ones prob won't ripen off the vine-which is why I'm making green tomato salsa today :)