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Oct 8, 2010 08:10 AM

Long Island Cheese squash

I picked up this beautiful pumpkin-type squash at the farmers market. Any tips or suggestions what to do with it?? Is it more well suited to cooking or baking??

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  1. It makes a great pumpkin pie.

    1. I remember a segment of one of the early Martha Stewart shows in which she visited Amy Goldman, an expert gardener who specializes in heirloom squash varieties. This was one of the ones whose virtues they extolled. Try searching MS's website and/or googling Amy Goldman. She has a coffee table book on squash which includes lush photography, history, growing, and recipes.

      1. It is one of "THE" best "pumpkin" pie squashes, & is also just as wonderful cooked & seasoned just as you would a Butternut or any other winter squash.

        1. Hi, I did the pumpkin flan recipe from, used long island cheese squash instead of regular pumpkin, roasted segments in the oven with mace, cardamom, nutmeg, and butter sauce drizzled over the top, adding more of the same spices in the actual recipe. It was spectacular. Loved the texture of the squash. Enjoy.

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            Has anyone made a gratin wth them? I'm thnking about bringing this to thanksgiving dinner