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Any exceptional fried chicken in Monmouth County?

I really hate to make fried chicken, with all the mess it entails. However, I've really been longing for a great plate of it, and I'm hoping to have some next week. Are there any local spots where I can get some real, homemade fried chicken? Not the frozen Sysco that everyone seems to sell!

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  1. Jameson's, Neptune
    At The Table, Asbury Park

    You will be hard pressed to find better.

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        Jameson's, Neptune


        and if your on a budget....right down the block is a Popeye's


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          Popeye's is 2 steps below dreadful

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            Tay - Although it is fast food, I must respectfully disagree with you. There is something about that spice blend that makes the chicken so addictive. The biscuits are also pretty great as well. I try not to go there since I know the stuff isn't good for me. However when the kids want fried chicken, I've been known to steal a few bites.

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              I agree with bgut1...Popeyes is pretty good Fried Chicken, and their sides are pretty good also, love the Bisquits & Red Rice & Beans also.....
              for the price you cant go wrong.....

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                I too am a fan of both Popeyes and KFC. Yum!

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              Jamison's does have maybe the best fried chicken in the county, and the collards are excellent, but seriously avoid the ribs. They are overcooked an mushy. They epitomize the fallacy of true BBQ ribs being "fall off the bone."

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                equal_Mark - I don't think the ribs are that bad. The BBQ sauce is good and as long as you accept that it's not true BBQ, they are pretty decent. I do however agree that the chicken is the better bet (but would give the slight nod to At The Table).

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                  bgut1, I'm with you, love the Southern Fried chicken from At The Table. Plus if you want some variety, you can get it smothered with gravy or barbeque style. Both are delicious!

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                    Whether it's true BBQ or not, when I go to pick up a pork rib, I can't abide ending up staring at a bone while the meat remains on the plate. I'm sorry but I suspect boilage <cringe>.

            3. Shop-Rite in West Long Branch

              1. While I admit it's been quite a few month's since our last visit, Mack's Chicken Shack in Belmar (same boardwalk building as Matisse) had some very good homemade "hand dipped southern fried chicken" and sides.


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                  we like Mack's, when they're cooking it... i never know the schedule there, but the stuff is good and prices are decent...

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                    Its middlesex county, but last legg chicken and waffles in somerset (really new brunswick) is the best chicken I've personally eaten, IMO


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                      That's going to be a little too far for me to convince my DH to go for dinner. But it'll be on the list for future dining when we're in the area!

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                    That place is NEVER open when I'm there!! Garrr....

                  3. I don't think that popeye's will be on my list of first visits. But I'm going to be hitting Neptune and Asbury this week. Thanks for the recommendations. I'm salivating just thinking of that great chicken!

                    1. Here's the Ledger's recent review of At The Table - http://www.nj.com/entertainment/dinin...

                      1. Chicken King in West End, Long Branch.

                        Chicken King
                        110 Brighton Ave, Long Branch, NJ 07740

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                          Chicken King is gone....

                          Chicken King
                          110 Brighton Ave, Long Branch, NJ 07740

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                            I believe he has moved across the street inside the Brighton Bar. That was his plan, as his landlord thought he was independently wealthy also. If I find out, I will post.

                        2. Well, thanks for all the recommendations. I have made my first trip to At The Table in Asbury. Here's my report: FABULOUS!!

                          I got there with just one other table of diners. I was warmly welcomed and given my choice of any table in the place. I opted to sit near the window, since I was dining solo and didn't bring a book. I started with the sweet tea, very nice. I haven't had much sweet tea, being a NJ native, but I'm enjoying my leftovers right now. (Sad to say, I made them give me a container to bring it home!)

                          I received a basket with two pieces of hot corn bread and butter. I had one piece because I was so hungry. To my northern taste buds, it was delicious! I could easily have eaten the other piece, but wanted to save room for my big dinner order.

                          I chose the fried chicken. I briefly entertained getting it smothered or barbequed, but I'll leave those choices for another time. I got four beautifully fried pieces: a breast, thigh, drumstick and wing. The coating was delicious, and the skin was really crisp. I would love to eat just a meal of the fried skin, it was just that good! The meat inside was juicy and tender.

                          I decided on a couple of sides. First I chose the candied yams. Too often the chefs really make these candied. These were not that candied. They had a hint of sweetness, and that really complemented the yam flavor. It was all about the yams, not the sugar. My second side was the collard greens. They were a dark green, and really tasty. I don't know what the other flavoring is with them, maybe some vinegar, but not in a sharp way. They were the secondi time I've had them, and I'll be eating them again. My final side were the black eyed peas with
                          rice. They came in their own separate little side dish, because they were a little moist, and had some kind of juice in the bottom. Hot and delicious!

                          There was no way that I could finish all of the great food. I asked for a box, and packed up my leftovers. But since the desserts were homemade, I had to ask what was available. I was hoping for the coconut cake, and they had it. So, along with my bill I got a slice of cake to go.

                          In case you are counting, I had one big take out box, 2 small boxes and a quart container for my sweet tea.

                          The meal service was good, the music enjoyable, and overall a terrific meal! Thanks for the great recommendation. My next trip will be to Jameson's in Neptune for another fried chicken dinner. I'll post after that visit as well!