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Oct 8, 2010 07:30 AM

Large cabbages west of Boston

Has anyone seen large cabbages this fall? I like to make stuffed cabbage but haven't found any decent sized cabbage so far this year. Last year I lucked out at a farm stand in Littleton but they only have puny little ones this year. I'm in the Acton area.

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  1. We received all our cabbage from our CSA in the early summer. As I understand it, a later harvest can also be planted (as with other greens), but results in much smaller heads. Your best bet is probably to just hit a grocer and find the biggest ones you can.

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      Also I know a lot of produce is smaller than normal this year because it was so dry all summer.

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        Gretchen hit the nail on the head - it's going to be difficult to find large cabbages this year, because the hot dry weather that gave us such an amazing tomato crop was pretty tough on cool/wet-loving brassicas. You may find nice big ones from a farm that did a particularly stellar job with irrigation, it's just going to be a bit of a hunt. The other thing to do is be patient, as the recent turn in the weather should help and cabbages will grow deep into the fall.

        I also think that a lot of farms have begun to intentionally grow smaller cabbages because it's harder to sell bigger ones - unwieldy and seemingly pricey if you're paying by the pound.

        As for Science Chick's comment, however... lots of farms use different succession timings, so just because your CSA already distributed their early harvest doesn't mean another farm may not have timed theirs differently.

    2. Russos has every kind of cabbage and seemed to have a good amount of large heads of green cabbage when i was there yesterday. don't know if waltham/watertown is close to you.

      1. Idylwilde had HUGE savoy cabbage, I noticed this weekend. If your close it would be worth the stop to look.

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          thanks, I go there fairly often but I didn't see anything big last few times I was there. I'll check again. I usually use green as it seems less apt to overcook but I'd try savoy.

        2. Wilson Farms had some good sized ones Friday - might be worth a phone call.

          Wilson Farm
          10 Pleasant St, Lexington, MA 02421