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Oct 8, 2010 07:12 AM

ISO: Thanksgiving with a toddler in Bucks/Montgomery Co.

We are traveling from Rhode Island with our 18 month old daughter to have Thanksgiving dinner with her grandmother. I am looking for a restaurant to have Thanksgiving dinner, maybe a buffet in the Quakertown area (Lansdale, Montgomeryville, North Wales, etc).

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    Coleman across from MCCC does a very nice buffet (about as good as buffets get.) I suspect toddlers are more welcome in that kind of a situation, but Thanksgiving I think most people should be aware family events means kids.

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      I went to Coleman for T-day----was delicious, but hard to say since it's been a few years and think it was his first year open so probably went all out. But. someone i work with chose him for Bah Mitzvah all the way from NJ------and it was great

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        I went to Coleman last year and I would not recommend it at all. I was very unimpressed by both the food and the service, especially for the price they were charging.

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          I was never there for Thanksgiving, but did go to their Sunday brunch buffet last year and was very underwhelmed. We alos tried them for a holiday lunch last year, and again, nothing really bad, but nothing very good either.

          I guess that's why it's only been 1 brunch and 1 lunch?

        2. The William Penn Inn does Thanksgiving Dinner every year
          William Penn Inn
          1017 dekalb pike
          Gwynedd, PA 19436
          (215) 699-9272
          (near Lansdale)

          I believe the Richlandtown Inn still does Thanksgiving
          Richlandtown Inn
          Place page
          101 S Main St
          Richlandtown, PA 18955-1050
          (215) 536-6239
          near Quakertown)

          Stay away from McCooles Red Lion Inn, in Quakertown, it looks beautiful on the outside, rustic interior, but I've had some really *bad food and *bad service there.

          The Reliance Inn is family friendly and I've heard really good things about the place
          Reliance Inn
          103 Reliance Road
          Souderton, PA 18964
          you could call and see if they're doing Thanksgiving this year

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            I second the William Penn. Great food, great atmosphere, always nicely decorated for the holidays and there are always children there when I go.

            1. re: gaffk

              One other one in the North Wales area is the Joseph Ambler Inn. Nice space and a bit less stuffy than the WPI.

              1. re: cwdonald

                Hmmm . . .I don't find WPI stuffy at all. Granted it's old-school atmosphere, but I've always found the staff to be very welcoming and friendly.

                1. re: gaffk

                  I think it depends on which room you’re in, but the buffet reservations are generally in the “non-stuffy” rooms like Penn’s Tavern.

                  The Commonwealth Club (is that what they call the upstairs?) that can be stuffy.

                  1. re: cgarner

                    I'd had several Thanksgiving meals there, both as a kid, and with my own (they were pretty well-behaved back then, though.) I'm not sure they had families in the Commonwealth Club.

                    I'd had business lunches upstairs there, and THEY were stuffy. Downstairs was quite relaxed, and they always served good traditional suburban "Inne" food.

                    1. re: cgarner

                      Huh, I've had Sunday brunch upstairs. This is actually where they seated us for an all-female family brunch to send off my youngest niece to college. It seemed to be exclusively mid to large size group celebrations, and was identical to my more frequent downstairs experiences.

                      Also had mom's 80th birthday there. Again, very warm and welcoming. One BIL couldn't attend as he had been in an accident a few days prior. We ordered for him anyway, and they were very good bringing a full to-go meal for him (including breads, soup, etc) at the end of the meal. We stayed way past meal's end, and as we were leaving, noticed the staff sitting in the bar area waiting for us--they had never made us feel we had overstayed our welcome and they all wished mom a very happy birthday as we were leaving.. When we got to the parking lot and realized ours were the only cars in the lot, we were impressed indeed at how non-rushed we had been (especially considering mom's birthday is only 2 days before Christmas--their busy season).

                      I've been there quite often for brunch, lunch & dinner. The tavern certainly has a more informal atmosphere than the Monet Room or Commonwealth Club, but I think all are equally warm and welcoming.

                      One more note for the OP--WPI has a fantastic bake shop that is open only around the December holidays. If that opens Thanksgiving, it's an added bonus as you can take delicious cookies and cakes back to RI with you.