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Oct 8, 2010 06:28 AM

Bergen Beach: Interesting takeout lunch spots?

My daughter has a softball tournament at the "Bergen Beach Fields". Searched CH and there is only a single post re Bergen Beach. Anyone know of any interesting spots for takeout lunch? Hispanic, Mediterranean, Russian, Soul, heck, anything other than a slice or a burger?

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  1. You're not far from the Mill Basin Deli--Avenue T and E. 59th. Good pastrami, corned beef and tongue etc. and unusual decor!

    1. If you're driving, Avenue U further west has TONS of stuff: Between Nostrand Ave. (E. 30th St.) and Coney Island Avenue (East 11th Street) you'll have choices of pretty much every Asian cuisine imaginable. On the corner of Nostrand and U is Brennan Carr that's been open forever and has amazing roast beef. If you drive a bit southwesst to Emmons Avenue, you'll have your choice of Russian, Middle Eastern, Japanese, Italian, and some fabulous seafood (Randazzo's is amazing for raw seafood and they make a kick-butt Fra Diavolo sauce, very low-key atmosphere and you won't find a more diverse crowd of patrons anywhere). I grew up on Roll-n-Roaster, Emmons and 26th I think, for a 50s-style venue with more great roast beef and quite decent fried shrimp. When they do their "to go" orders, they have separate customized condiment and utensil packs for you. Great fresh lemonade, too. Sahara on Coney Island Avenue and T makes amazing Middle Eastern food, especially the cigarette bourekas. If you want some southern food, search heading south along Flatbush Avenue where you may find some kosher Chinese, too (I remember "Shang Chai"). The previous poster was right about Mill Basin Deli if you want to stay close to the field. Lots of bar food around that area as well. Let us know what you end up doing.

      1. It's not exactly right there, but I'd have to second Brennan and Carr's for Roast Beef on Nostrand. Also in that direction in Knapp pizza which has a decent slice.
        Down at Knapp just north of the Belt is Knapp st. Bagels which has the best salad bar I've seen anywhere in the city. Salad stuff, prepared salads, and way better than usual steam tryay items. I love the corned beef and cabbage. You could easily stop there on the way and bring goodies to the fields.
        Also of mention is Sonnies Heroes in the other direction on 92nd st. just south of Farragut. They've got very good heroes and their steam table can have very good italian roast beef, meatballs or other italian fare. This is only a take out option, which makes it good for picnicing at the fields. I think I've actually brought a sandwich down to the fields to enjoy a nice day.