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Oct 8, 2010 05:54 AM

Where can I get Sushi Grade fish in the Richmond Hill/Markham area?

I'm planning to make my own Maki's and I need to find a place to get the fish. I would prefer if it were a place in the Richmond Hill/Markham, but I don't mind driving to surrounding areas. I hear that Ichiban (Leslie and 16th ave.) is decent and not too expensive.

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    1. They have it at Hmart on Yonge, south of Major Mackenzie. I bought some once for my husband and and it wasn`t too expensive. Probably not `top notch`quality, but my husband thought it was good and fresh.

      1. Though I'm not a fan of this place, the fish store inside J-Town.

        Taro's use to be there and was wonderful. Sakanaya (current fish market) is not as good but cheaper. They also mark all their fish on sale on Sundays since J-Town is closed on Mondays.

        1. When we went to Akasaya (sp?) sushi restaurant we were told to get wonderfully fresh fish at the Korean Market on Yonge Street and Doncaster (a couple of streets north of Steeles on the East side)

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            That should be Galleria Supermarket you're talking about (I think)!

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              Yes that's it. Galleria Supermarket

          2. I ended up going to Taro's, since I've read good things about them. The fish was very fresh and reasonably priced. I will check out the other places in the near future.

            Thanks for your suggestions.