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Oct 8, 2010 05:46 AM

Paris, One night

I will be in Paris for 1 night staying at the 6th. I would like to go out for a very low key, but authentic dinner. Can you recommend something that is worthy?

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  1. Le Machon d'Henri.
    But if it's rugby night, there will be nothing low-key about the whole rue Guisarde. Great fun though. And authentic yah.

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      My husband's traditional order: "Agneau de 7 heures", a Moroccan braised lamb shank with prunes served with a sinfully large portion of potatoes scalloped with cream and cheese.

      Henri is one place where I have often made a meal of several appetizers. There are many to choose from and just about all quite good.

      And for a simple but special (off menu) dessert, order Griottes, cherries preserved in Kirsch.