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Oct 8, 2010 04:16 AM

L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon OR similar alternatives usual..I'm agonizing over restaurant selections for a client. This is a well-travelled, high-end 45 year-old-couple. They are looking for two memorable dining experiences of course. We are doing Le Cinq one night for a generally traditional, incredible service and cuisine evening. For the second night, we do NOT want to spend that much! We like the look and sound (more of a stylish spot that is definitely unique and different) of L'Atelier de JR and the price is right at 150ish Euros per person. I am, though, simply concerned about mixed reviews of the place and the fact that you need to take an 18.30 seating if you wish to reserve in advance.

So any suggestions on an alternative that is stylish, not so traditional, unique/memorable and a price point of 150 Euros per person?

Thanks Chowpeople!!!

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  1. You could do "La Table de Joel Robuchon"; they have more (or less?) the same menu and take reservation.


    1. Passage 53. Look at Adrian Moore's website for great reviews.