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Oct 8, 2010 01:01 AM

Birthday brunch off-strip?

I'd like to organize a birthday brunch for my family (about 10 adults and 1 baby) somewhere off-strip. I live in summerlin and the rest of the family is in the green valley/Henderson area, but we're willing to make a drive. My dad just hates going to the strip so I'd like to find a yummy local place. I have a tradition of eating chocolate chip pancakes on my bday, so if the place has those that would be a bonus. Thanks!

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  1. We had a wonderful brunch at Bernard's Bistro in Lake Las Vegas a week ago Sunday. If the weather permits, it will be hard to beat the patio dining and food. Here is is the write-up from trip report:

    We returned for the weekend brunch; securing a table overlooking both the lake and village on a gorgeous morning. We were served warm crusty bread and a complimentary glass of champagne; the Westies were living large this AM. Ann chose quiche Lorraine which included a bountiful mesclun salad garnished with a strawberry and a cantaloupe wedge. The quiche was the best we have ever experienced, but I was only allowed one small sample. I ordered the Caribbean Chicken salad served over mesclun greens and garnished with large wedges of ripe cantaloupe and papaya.