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Oct 8, 2010 12:38 AM

Why l do Chowhound, even in Paris [Moved from France]

Last night was a dream. Meal cooked at a hound's apt plus three other hounds and SO's, plus a star from the Paris food scene. Names are not necessary. Evening was half in English and half in French. Nine people,one glorious dog, nine bottles of wine, 6 cheeses, 2 chickens, 5 breads, innumerable shrimp and scallops, a huge glorious dessert. It was loud, full of laughs, and just plain wonderful. Yes, l go to many restaurants while here, yes they are fun, no the food last night and the bonhomie was so far superior to any restaurant, we realized this is the night we all want. We were looking forward to it, and it paid off in spades. Thank you all. So, while Chowhound is considered a food discussion group and not a social organization, sometimes the social part overwhelms the food part in such a nice way. Try the social part in your area, it has worked for me in many places where l had no other ties, eg:Tokyo. It does not change the meaning of Chowhound just enhances it in a natural way.

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  1. Ditto ditto ditto.
    I deeply bow to the chef hound last night for cooking up a storm.
    I thank others for providing all the laughter and, in one case, his own cult pastry.

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    1. re: Parigi

      Sitting in Switzerland wishing I could have been in Paris! Sounds like a gorgeous evening. J'adorais d'être a ta place....

    2. color me GREEN with envy.... wish I had been there, too!

      Hoping for a great get-together when I AM there in March! ;)

      1. Oh, Deluca, you are sticking it to me, mate, bigtime.

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        1. Sounds like Chowhound heaven! I too am jealous but don't have any right to be since I haven't tried to make these kinds of contacts. This is a lesson for me.

          1. The dinner was great, but spending the day food shopping as a group was also pretty nice -- the instinct of hunting in packs, maybe.

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            1. re: souphie

              You have all been so helpful, and have made our Paris trips Chowworthy.
              Glad you rewarded yourselves.

              1. re: erly

                I discovered Chowhound through a New Yorker article by Calvin Trillin and find it to be a useful resource.

                Alongside that, although I've never had the fortune to dine with, have never met, nor even know the true identities of most of the people who post on these boards, the insights, tips, banter, but also the the feuds, quid pro quo, and even bloody-mindeness that feed so many posts are a daily source of entertainement and enjoyment.

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                  OK I'll bite.
                  "Calvin Trillin. Paris and elsewhere."
                  Which means?

                  1. re: Parigi

                    Sorry. Too much panaché. Pressed the post button without meaning to. Edited it since. Gracie altra tanto.

                    1. re: vielleanglaise

                      Sorry we had to leave Paris when we did and miss this glorious dinner party! I've been hearing about the hosts fabulous roast chicken fro too long now. I'm utterly jealous to have missed it!