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Oct 8, 2010 12:38 AM

Help! GOOD Downtown Dining

Hey all...
Looking for a new date night spot for this week.
Yep, we've tried Malarkey's new place (didn't love it).
Been to Cucina Urbana ... it was good.
Need somewhere fresh... most importantly GOOD.
Price no object,
Your votes?
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Jsix at Hotel Solomar..
    Grant Grill at US Grant Hotel
    Le Fontainebleau at the Westgate
    Wine Vault

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    1. re: Beach Chick

      Wine Vault's not downtown, Magellan! ; )

      The Chowhound Darlings (and rightly so):

      Cafe Chloe
      Cowboy Star

      Cafe Chloe
      721 9th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

      1. re: Fake Name

        Excuse me GPS's close.. ; )

        Cafe Chloe has got to lose those horrid chairs.. they have a vegan patty melt?

        1. re: stevewag23

          friends just went and they enjoyed it...the cheese and salumi bar looks fab and they have a daily happy hour from 5-7..

          1. re: stevewag23

            We liked Bice, though felt it was kind of expensive for what you got. The buckwheat pasta w/ chard is really good.

            1. re: Josh

              Yeah, I went once or twice when it first opened.

              Just had apps at the bar. I also "felt it was kind of expensive for what you got".

              Is it a chain?

              1. re: stevewag23

                It sure is. Funny, I thought there were only 2 or 3 of them. Looks like there are several around the globe.

                We haven't been back since our first visit, and based on comments I've heard from others, I lucked out by ordering the buckwheat pasta dish.

                I'd say if the food was 30% cheaper that would seem about right.

        2. Croche's is good, and its just a short walk from three play venues (dinner and a play).

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          1. re: dmtuggle

            Currant American Brasserie has a wonderful happy hour. The burger and steak salad are both very nice.